Ball hockey equipment donation request

Would you like to introduce your students to the basics of ball hockey, but do not currently have access to all the necessary equipment to do so?

In order to promote the integration of its brand new ball hockey module across the province and encourage youth from vulnerable communities to get more active, the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation is offering you the chance to receive a full set of equipment for a group of at least 30 children aged 4 to 12!

Each set includes:

• 20 right-handed 102 cm sticks
10 left-handed 102 cm sticks
• 4 right-handed 132 cm sticks
• 2 left-handed 132 cm sticks
• 2 122 cm goalie sticks
• 30 high-density balls
24 pairs of protective eyewear
• 2 117 cm wide hockey nets

• 2 sets of full goalie gear


We will provide you with all the tools you need to teach kids the benefits of a healthy and physically active life through fun ball hockey activities, that will help them develop both their motor skills and their self-esteem!

Schools and organizations who wish to apply must ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria listed below and that they gather all the necessary information before presenting their project to the Foundation, which in turn will determine whether it’s aligned with its mission, which is to encourage physical activity and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle among underprivileged youth.


Eligibility requirements

To be eligible, the project presented must :

  • Encourage and support a healthy lifestyle through physical activity;
  • Act preventively with disadvantaged youth aged 4 to 17;
  • Have a direct impact on a significant number of children in the community;
  • Be submitted by :
    • public school in Quebec with a socio-economic index or low-income cut-off of 7, 8, 9 or 10;
    • non-profit, private and registered organization offering services and activities in the province of Quebec.


Teachers and educators can submit their request by completing the form below by Friday, February 12, 2021. Schools and organizations whose application will fully meet our criteria will be selected and contacted during the week of February 22 to 26. Equipment sets will be delivered starting March 2021. Hurry, quantities are limited!


Submit an equipment request

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